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Nestled in the North Central corner of the U.S. state of Connecticut, you'll find the enchanting county of Hartford. The streets are forever lined with leafy trees, cozy homes, and historical buildings. Hartford County is a part of the Connecticut River Valley. There are a seemingly endless amount of beautiful vineyards, wineries, breweries, state parks, ski slopes, and more. Hartford County is a place where excitement and tranquility meet. 

Hartford County is more than meets the eye. Behind the calm ambiance lay many entertainment venues and exciting adrenaline-packed adventures. Hartford County is an excellent place to live. It welcomes all walks of life with open arms and a bucket-load of opportunities and possibilities. 

This article will share 17 reasons to live in Hartford County, Connecticut. We’re sharing details about the diverse real estate market, employment opportunities, education, historical sites, etc. By the end, you’ll know everything you need to know about life in Hartford County, Connecticut, and we bet you’ll be convinced of how amazing it is!

1. The Real Estate Market


Real Estate in Hartford County, CT

The real estate market in Hartford County, Connecticut, is quite diverse. Potential home-buyers can expect to find a large assortment of single-family homes. Large homes are very common, as is the trend of brick front detail. Many homes have large bay windows, long driveways, and old, cozy vibes. 

Potential buyers in Hartford County, Connecticut, have a large market. The county has many remodeled and renovated condos, some preserving the old, historic features while others integrate with sleek, modern design. Whether you're looking for a cozy, small, second home to escape the workweek business or a beautiful family home to relocate to, Hartford County is the perfect place. 

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2. The Employment Opportunities


Employment opportunities are abundant in Hartford County, Connecticut. There is an exciting small business sector and several national retail favorites. The top companies in the county are Eversource Energy, First Health Medical Group, Aetna, and Hartford Hospital. 

In addition to these excellent companies, residents can find employment in the mining, construction, manufacturing, financial services, leisure, and hospital industries. Though Hartford County lacks the business of larger cities nearby, it does not lack employment opportunities and career advancements. The enchanting county is filled with opportunities in all sectors and industries.

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3. The Education


Hartford County, Connecticut, has excellent schools for children and adults alike. The county has many public and private schools with high-quality curriculums and outstanding extracurricular programs.

Great School Districts in Hartford County

  • Glastonbury Public Schools - 8 schools, 5814 students
  • Farmington School District - 7 schools, 4149 students
  • Avon School District - 5 schools, 3162 students

Hartford County is home to many adult education opportunities as well. There are many universities and colleges. 

Post-Secondary Schools in Hartford County

4. The Historic Landmarks


Landmarks in Hartford County, CT

Hartford County, Connecticut, has more than 400 properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places. There are many beautiful buildings with tiny, hidden, stunning architectural details. So whether you're looking to embark on a tour of an old building or just go for a walk in the neighborhood, Hartford County, Connecticut, is a spectacular place to do it. 

Historic Landmarks in Hartford County, Connecticut

  • Historic Houses: Butler-McCook House - 1782, John Marsh House - 1783
  • Military Landmarks: Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch, Marquis de Lafayette Statue
  • Museums: The Mark Twain House and Museum, Henry Whitfield State Museum (The oldest building in Hartford County - 1639)

Learning about the community's history can help strengthen a feeling of belonging and a sense of purpose. Hartford County, Connecticut, has a rich, interesting history with plenty of ways to learn about it. 

5. Public Transportation


There are many ways to get around in Hartford County, Connecticut. Locals can enjoy the many walking trails and biking paths as active transportation if the weather is good. There is also a CTFastrak bus system and commuter rail service that runs between the suburbs. This is perfect for commuting to work or school. The Bradley International Airport is slightly north of Hartford County, making air travel accessible. 

In addition to these transportation methods, there is also an Amtrak train service throughout the county. These transportation methods make it easy to get to suburbs such as New Haven, Springfield, and Massachusetts. So hello, weekend getaway!

6. Exciting Sports


Whether it's college sports you're into, or you're more of a hometown baseball kind of person, Hartford County, Connecticut, is a place that covers all the bases with sports. The county has its fair share of college sports, baseball, auto racing, golf tournaments, etc. Sports are an exciting way to connect with a community and build relationships with other locals. Not only are there great sports in the form of entertainment, but there are many athletic opportunities for children. Hartford County is a place that embraces sports, and its sports teams.

Professional Sports in Hartford County, Connecticut

  • The American hockey league, including the farm team for the New York Islanders (NHL - Hockey)
  • The American baseball league
  • Basketball

7. Beautiful Parks


Beautiful Parks in Hartford County, CT

Riverside, Goodwin, and Pope park are just a handful of the many beautiful parks in Hartford County, Connecticut. Many parks have outstanding playgrounds providing children with hours of entertainment while others are peaceful places of solitude. In addition, there are parks with ponds, fishing docks, fitness circuits, children's playgrounds, and much more. 

Noteworthy Parks in Hartford County, Connecticut

  • Bushnell Park - Bushnell Park is located on Elm Street. It is best known for its historic carousel and beautiful monuments placed throughout the park.
  • Elizabeth Park - Elizabeth Park is abundant with colorful gardens. In addition, the park offers many sports courts such as tennis, basketball, and baseball. 
  • Goodwin Park - Located on Maple ave, Goodwin Park spans 237 acres and offers visitors many recreation and entertainment opportunities.

8. The Museums


Visiting museums is an excellent way to learn and better yourself. One of the best things about living in Hartford County, Connecticut is how many enriching museums are located nearby. Of course, visiting museums makes you smarter, but it's also a great way to spend time and connect with friends and family. In addition, museums exhibit important artifacts, art, and other pieces that tell an important story. 

Important Museums in Hartford County, Connecticut

The Mark Twain House and Museum is a beautiful home regardless if you have a deep appreciation for the writer himself. The architecture features pointed roofs and cozy corners, while the landscaping is abundant with beautiful gardens. The home is a museum that offers tours, workshops, exhibits, and much more. It has a fascinating history and is a loved piece of history in Hartford County, Connecticut.

The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, or The Wadsworth as the locals call it, is an impressive place to visit. The walls are filled, from ceiling to floor with outstanding pieces of art. In addition, Wadsworth hosts free family events to encourage and help develop an appreciation, respect, and understanding of art. The Wadsworth is a museum of excellence in art.

The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center remains largely preserved from the author living there herself. The center offers guided, informative tours and tiny glimpses into what her life was like.

The Connecticut Historical Society was established back in 1825 and is one of the oldest serving historical societies in the nation. It features a cozy library and several interesting artifacts and exhibits.

9. Live Theater


Watching live theater can be exciting and very enjoyable. In addition, watching live theater can help to reduce stress and increase happiness as you become captivated with the show. Live theater is fascinating. Each show is entirely unique and brings its own special touches to each performance. There are several live performance venues throughout Hartford County, Connecticut, including the Hartford Stage, the Webster Theater, the Playhouse on Park, and the Bushnell Theater.

10. The Restaurants


Restaurants in Hartford County, CT

Going out to eat is a wonderful luxury, and living in a place with so many great options can be exciting. There are many amazing restaurants to enjoy in Hartford County, Connecticut. Regardless if you have special dietary needs or love the classics and traditional meals, there are excellent places to check out. Dining out at restaurants can be a great way to meet people, increase social connections, and be an inspiring event. Trying new restaurants, exploring new meals, and testing out new chefs can be an adventurous pastime! 

Hartford County has its share of quaint cafes, cozy brunch spots, and elegant dining restaurants. There are delicious dishes to try all over the county.

Delicious Restaurants

  • Tisane Euro - Asian Cafe - Step inside the most unique cafe you've ever been to. This cafe has the appearance of a cozy coffee shop with the vibe of a bumpin' nightclub.
  • Sorella - This restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients to create delicious, traditional Italian dishes.
  • Max Downtown - If you're looking for fine dining in a relaxing, comfortable environment, then Max Downtown is the best place. Not only does the restaurant serve mouthwatering tasty dishes, but the ambiance of the place is fantastic. It is elegant but inviting all at once and features a warm interior design.

11. The Nightlife


Though Hartford County, Connecticut, might have that small-town feel, its nightlife vibe is definitely still bright and present. Hartford County has many great nightclubs! So, get your dancing shoes on and get ready to embrace nightlife in Hartford County.

Exciting Nightlife Opportunities

In addition to these exciting nightclubs, Hartford County, Connecticut also has a handful of great casinos. 

  • Bovada Online Casino
  • Mohegan Sun

12. The Beaches


There are many beautiful beaches close to Hartford County, Connecticut. Some beaches offer visitors other recreation such as horseback riding or hiking. Hartford County, Connecticut, offers many opportunities for fishing, boating, swimming, diving, paddleboarding, and much more. Bodies of water are plenty, and they're ready for you to dive in!

Bodies of Water to Visit

  • Cockaponset State Park - This state park has a lush forest and offers guests an enormous amount of amenities. It is a natural lake with swimming, hiking, walking, cycling, and more all right at your toes!
  • Stratton Brook State Park - Dig out your fishing gear because this state park is famous for its outstanding trout fishing. In addition to fishing, this park also has well-manicured hiking trails that will lead you through a forested journey. The views are magnificent!
  • Harvey’s Beach - This beautiful beach is the perfect spot for a Saturday afternoon picnic! While it is simple, it is also perfect. Harvey's Beach is an excellent place for swimming and boating.

13. The Sailing


There are plenty of bodies of water to make a splash in, and getting adventurous with boats is one of many ways to embrace it. So whether you want to spend hours sailing on the calm waters or try a pontoon, yacht, or speedboat, the waters are welcoming. 

14. The Fishing


Throughout the entire county residents can find great fishing spots. The county hosts several fishing tournaments and contests. The sport of fishing is celebrated throughout the community! Whether you're already a master angler or fishing is a new hobby, Hartford County is a great place to explore this. Not only is fishing a fun pastime but eating fish is super healthy! Spend an afternoon fishing, and then dinner is prepared! 

15. The Location


Hartford County, Connecticut, has a nearly perfect location. While it's tucked away, nestled in a stunning array of leafy trees and calm waters, it also has great transportation to other metro areas. This can be beneficial for work, travel, and enjoyment. In addition, residents of Hartford County get to enjoy the area's peacefulness, knowing that the busy, exciting hustle and bustle is right nearby!

16. The Weather


Living in a place where you can experience all four seasons is a wonder, and that's what it's like living in Hartford County, Connecticut. The state experiences all four seasons, with fall being particularly stunning. The trees change colors, and locals are blessed with beautiful scenery everywhere. The great weather allows for locals to experience more recreation. Enjoy long walks in a winter wonderland and hot summer days lying on the beach when you live in Hartford County.

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17. The Pizza


Yes, we already talked about the restaurants and the food, but the pizza deserves its own category here. Pizza in Hartford County, Connecticut, is the best pizza ever. You'll find every kind, every variety, and all at an affordable and enjoyable price. Some local favorites include Angelina's Pizza, Bro's Dough Pizzeria, Nevin's Pizza Bar, and Harry's Bishops Corner.

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It's easy to see how living in Hartford County, Connecticut, is a great choice. It is a comfortable, cozy, family-friendly place with many amenities. However, its slight size doesn't mean it lacks anything. In fact, one could say that Hartford County is more exciting than most others! The one great part about living in this county is that all walks of life are welcome and can find their place. There is something for everyone!


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