10 Best Places to Live in Hartford County, CT

Hartford County may be full of historic architecture and might be one of the oldest big cities in America, but there is a surprising amount of excitement that comes with living in the area. With the fantastic location in the Connecticut River Valley, the County has so much to offer and some hidden gems that not many people beyond residents are aware of. Home to historical figures like Harriet Beecher Stowe and Mark Twain, there's ample history to take in when you're here. Hartford County is now a hub for business opportunities, amazing amenities, endless entertainment, and so much natural beauty to explore. If you love the outdoors, Hartford County is a must-see place. 

West Hartford

West Hartford is a melting pot of all different lifestyles. It's a family-friendly community with some of the best schools in Connecticut and is an incredibly safe place to raise a family. The area offers outdoor enthusiasts some beautiful nature to explore. There are plenty of job opportunities within a strong economy, and it's no surprise it's one of the most desirable areas in the County. The average home price is around $320,000, and the median income is around $100,000 annually. 

What do residents love? "The best place to live in CT - coming from a lifelong CT resident. Upscale town, dead center of CT. Great things to do in your backyard. Outstanding restaurants- you will have your dining standards lifted when you dine out in WeHa. Great schools - our public schools are like the private schools of others. Town services, people, everything. A great town for a family! The town is well run, and your property holds its value. The only complaint is the taxes, but with taxes comes exclusivity. Keeps the bar of entry a bit higher - and the quality of residents higher as well."

Population: 63,063

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With a small population of roughly 3,000, Weatogue is a hidden gem in the area. The city has a high quality of life and offers bigger-city amenities. The excellent schools and low crime rates are perfect for raising a family. There's always something to do in Weatogue. 

What do residents love? "It's a very nice area. It's part of Simsbury, and the people are very nice and polite here. Maybe too polite. Very little to no bullying in the schools. Lots of trees and landscapes are very beautiful and tasteful. Simsbury shopping area is very nice as well. Plenty of restaurants to choose from. Most homeowners take pride in their properties."

Population: 2,738

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Avon is one of the smaller suburbs in CT, but it's considered one of the best. The average home in Avon is around $380,000, but there are plenty of benefits that come with higher home prices. The convenient location allows for residents to easily explore the surrounding communities. The schools are fantastic, and the city is safe. It's a great place for people who are looking for a variety of lifestyles. 

What do residents love? "I grew up in this town. It is a very safe, friendly, and beautiful community. I lived here for a total of nine years. Avon is close to Westfarms Mall and West Hartford Center. It is a 15-20 minute drive to downtown Hartford if you take Route 44. The traffic is minimal. There are plenty of restaurants, parks, and shops in the community. It is a great place to raise a family."

Population: 18,302

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Another genuinely fantastic city in the County is Simsbury. The city has a laid-back atmosphere, a bit of affluence, and so much to offer. From incredible nature to great schools, it's one of the best communities to settle down in. The close-knit neighbors welcome everyone with open arms. 

What do residents love? "Simsbury is a beautiful town that is not too far from Hartford, NYC, and Boston. The town is full of wonderful people who look out for each other no matter what. Everyone is kind... There are many recreational activities to do for kids and adults alike. Simsbury is a wonderful town full of wonderful people."

Population: 24,979

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Farmington is a small community that offers an excellent quality of life to its residents. The average home price is around $330,000. The natural beauty is abundant and always available to explore. The low crime rate and excellent schools make it a great place to raise a family. 

What do residents love? "Farmington is a clean town, with an amazing community. The people here are mostly nice and genuinely care about each other and the town itself. The representatives are engaged and care about the citizens."

Population: 25,430

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Glastonbury has a lot to love. It has job opportunities, things to do like events and festivals, recreational activities, outstanding schools, and so much more. The housing prices are on the higher side, but residents feel that it's worth every penny for all the other benefits they reap. 

What do residents love? "Glastonbury fosters an amazing and safe environment. With their strong education system, caring individuals with great academics and leadership skills emerge. Everyone waves and complements one another. Not only is the friendliness contagious, but the hospitality shown in shared spaces is heartwarming. We residents grow up with various traditions. We enjoy the orchards of South Glastonbury, most of which are located along the Matson Hill Road and Woodland Street area of town. We can buy and pick our own freshly and locally grown produce and fruits, such as blueberries and pumpkins. Another common tradition to participate in the CT River Valley Chamber of Commerce. It's known to many as the Apple Harvest Festival or 'Apple Fest.' We attend this festival every October during the apple harvest season. This is a town-wide event lasting three days. We enjoy the various rides, attractions, and booths from many of the local town businesses. Genuinely, this is an amazing place to live."

Population: 34,427

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South Windsor

South Windsor is a liberal suburb of Hartford County with around 26,000 residents. It boasts an excellent school system and a low crime rate, as well as ample job opportunities. There's plenty of activities to join in for all ages, making everyone feel included and welcomed. 

What do residents love? "Great town, I have lived here for five years, and it was a great move! There are many activities town-wide and associated with South Windsor Schools. The school has a great staff, academics, and extracurriculars. There's a variety of well-performing sports teams and music as well, which is something that I am passionate about. I am proud to say that South Windsor meets many of my needs as a citizen and as a teenager in this town. The middle school also provides many things that aren't available at most public middle schools." 

Population: 26,054

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Rocky Hill

Rocky Hill is known for its family-friendly nature and is poised for economic growth. The town fosters creativity and entrepreneurship among residents. It's safe and welcoming, with excellent schools. There's always something to do and take part in. It's also ranked in the top 20 places in the state to purchase a home. 

What do residents love? "It is beautiful, quiet, even though there have been a few car break-ins. The mayor has been wonderful and has been trying to control this issue. Neighbors are wonderful, and they are all willing to help each other. Everyone knows everyone. The cops in the town are wonderful. They are always on top of our problems. People are friendly. Everyone says hi or waves to each other in the town even if you don't know them. Community is helpful and wonderful!"

Population: 20,045

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West Simsbury

As a burrow of the town of Simsbury, West Simsbury features a lot of the same qualities that Simsbury does. It's a beautiful area close to the downtown area, which has plenty to offer. The school system is just as excellent, and there's always something to do and see. 

What do residents love? "West Simsbury is a quaint, generally quiet burrow of the town of Simsbury. The burrow of West Simsbury is 10 minutes from Simsbury downtown at its farther point, where there is a cute single-story downtown area on its main street and well-attended events held often throughout the year, from bar-hosted trivia nights to Summer concerts drawing thousands of attendees. West Simsbury is owned and governed by the town of Simsbury. Simsbury's public school system is excellent and is ranked highly in the state, with exceptional access to elective technical, science, and college-accredited courses. There are many parks in town with access to public sports fields and complexes, jungle gyms, forest hiking areas, and a downtown dog park. There are half a dozen bars in the downtown area, which support the tame local nightlife, and easy access to route 44 in Avon, with 20 minutes driving access to Hartford, where a more exciting nightlife is available."

Population: 2,764

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Canton is a stunning and picturesque suburb that leaves residents encouraging everyone to visit just to take in the views. It may be a small town, but it has all the amenities you could want or need in a big city. It has a healthy annual income of around $90,000, and the average home price is around $320,000. The town provides a great mix of rural and urban, with welcoming residents among an incredible backdrop. 

What do residents love? "Canton is a charming and beautiful New England suburb. A historic downtown, wonderful open space, and a small, tight-knit school community are some of the highlights. Canton may not stand out to locals as it is surrounded by other wonderful Connecticut towns; however, stick Canton in a state like South Carolina. It would easily be among the very best places in the state. Locals don't realize how good they have it. After moving here from out of state, I quickly fell in love with the charm, scenery, and small-town feel."

Population: 10,292

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