Fun Things To Do in Torrington

Torrington, Connecticut is a beautiful little city full of culture and art for all to explore. The vibrancy of the downtown business district means there's always something going on. With close to 35,000 people, Torrington is a small municipality full of life and fun for not only the residents to enjoy but tourists as well. Below is a list of the top 5 things you can do when staying in Torrington, CT.

1. The Warner Theater


The Warner Theater is located on the main street. After being opened by the Warner Brothers as just one part of their many theaters nationwide, it was praised for its gorgeous design. Included in the design is its famous star-shaped light of gold and silver, the stenciled ceiling and the French-gold brocade on the curtains, walls and lobby.

The theater had originally closed its doors as a cinema in the 1980s and was set to be demolished but after a grass-roots campaign, they decided to save the theater from its demise and re-open it as a performing arts theater instead.

Now after it's been slowly restored you can purchase tickets to enjoy all kinds of performing arts shows. There are plenty of options to choose from, a little something for all interests. You'll be able to find all the information and upcoming shows for the Warner Theater on their website located at

Going To Theater

2. Kids Play Children's Museum


If you are someone with small children, then the Kids Play Children’s Museum is definitely a hot spot to go to. It opened in 2015 and has quickly become a fun go-to place for families all around to enjoy. The Kids Play Children’s Museum is accepting of all and offers inclusive activities for all children. The museum has a reputation for being a safe and welcoming environment.

With age-appropriate, fun-filled activities for adults and children to experience while also offering sensory and stimulating options, a trip to the museum is a great time for the little ones to enjoy. It also works as a great venue for children's celebrations such as birthday parties and more. You can find all the information and bookings on their website.

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3. Burr Pond State Park


The Burr Pond State Park has quite the history and is particularly known for originally having the world's first condensed milk factory, founded by Gail Borden. Unfortunately, the mill burned down in 1877 and now it’s the park we know today.

Burr Pond State Park is a must-visit spot in Torrington, Connecticut. Visiting such a spot and also experiencing the beauty of nature all around is any outdoor enthusiast's dream vacation. With a wide range of space and so much to do, the adventure of this park is endless for families, friends and others to enjoy.

There are plenty of fun activities to embark on when at the park including fishing, swimming, hiking, picnicking and kayaking/canoeing. You can find all of the fun, maps and fees located on their website.

Burr Pond

4. Pursue the Clues


A unique escape room-like experience, Pursue the Clues is an immersive, interactive experience for teams to enjoy. With just 60 minutes to solve whichever mystery you are brought into, Pursue the Clues is loads of fun for all ages to enjoy. After opening in 2016, this hot spot has been rated number one on things to do and highly rated on Trip Advisor. If you love mysteries but want something a bit different than a typical escape room then this is the perfect attraction for you. You can find all of their information on their website.

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5. Action Wildlife


Action Wildlife is a fun zoo to take your family and friends to! This zoo offers lots of great activities within its compound, offering hayrides, the petting zoo, group tours, the museum and an exploration center. Within the zoo's museum and exploration center, you will be able to see recreated scenes from the wild and can even feel different kinds of furs and antlers right from the deer inside.

You'll also be able to learn all about the different wildlife that inhabits the Action Wildlife Zoo. The admission is a great price with only $7 per person and children four and under get in free, this is a fantastic activity to embark on especially with little kids. You can find more information on the Action Wildlife Zoo through their website.

*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change

Action Wildlife

6. Connecticut Valley Winery


Connecticut Valley Winery was first established in 2005. With 30 acres in total, their goal is to offer the best wines in Connecticut. It is a small, family-owned winery, owned by the Ferraros who like to keep the family charm within the business. The Connecticut Valley Winery has won 25 medals from the Big E Northeast Gold Wine Competition. 

Such an adorable family-owned winery has become a hot spot for tourists on the Connecticut’s Wine Trail Passport Program. Wine enthusiasts can't get enough of the award-winning wines and specialty wines. The Connecticut Valley Winery is a wonderful spot for couples, newlyweds or even good friends to go to experiment with all sorts of different tastes.

The Connecticut Valley Winery offers the perfect love-filled scenery for all to enjoy whether it be for an occasion or a lovely date night away, it is suitable for any special night you may have in store. You can find all the information you need on the Connecticut Valley Winery through their website. 

Hopefully, this list is helpful the next time you're in Torrington, Connecticut and looking for something to do. With the destinations listed above, each place has something different to offer. From mystery to winery, depending on what kind of fun night you are looking for, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whichever you do choose you’re bound to have a lot of fun and create wonderful memories to hold onto!

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