The breakfast food scene in Torrington, Connecticut’s is as diverse as the people who live there. Whether you want a traditional American brunch or an international experience, the city has something for everyone! Below is a glance at the top 5 breakfast spots in Torrington, Connecticut.

1. George’s Restaurant


Our list begins with a restaurant that built its’ menu around breakfast time for locals who are in the exact scenario we mentioned above.

George’s Restaurant is regarded by customers as a ‘staple’ of Torrington and also as being a good eatery for those settling into the New England area in general. Service is praised for being friendly and warm with a very light and heartful atmosphere in the restaurant itself.

This spot has a place on this list because of its’ superb pancakes. The stacks aren’t thin or crumbly, in fact, they’re quite the opposite – Pancakes here are bulky and fluffy, meaning that you really do get your bang for your buck here. Even those who aren’t so keen on pancakes can still order omelets, home fries, breakfast rolls, and more.

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2. Panera Bread


If you’re already off to work and are running really late, then you can stop off here at this breakfast café and catch up in the morning with its’ free Wi-Fi and a bite to eat.

Panera Bread, as the name would suggest, is made popular by its’ numerous sandwiches, flatbread pizzas, and soup (with bread chunks) dishes. For breakfast specifically, you can order sandwiches like a hot sausage, egg, and cheese brioche bun or a scrumptious vanilla cinnamon roll to give you the energy kick you really need to start your day the right way. At less than $6 apiece, you can also indulge in a bagel, using ingredients such as avocado, spinach, bacon, scrambled egg and cheese, served on a bun of your choosing: brioche or ciabatta.

Many commuters have praised this café for its’ breakfast menu specifically as well as its’ speedy service – If you’re in a morning rush, this place would certainly make for an appropriate stop with an equally hurried service.

The real kicker here is the fact that unlimited coffees are available all day, from breakfast until beyond dinner. Although this is part of a Panera Beard subscription package, residents of the local area are actually eligible for a free 3-month trial subscription, so make good on that early morning coffee deal whilst you can!


Breakfast Sandwich

3. Angie’s


This coffee shop has exactly what you need to start your day off the right way, with freshly ground coffee beans, hashbrowns, and pancakes all served to your delight.

Previous customers have all praised this café for its’ generous portion sizes and affordability. Personally, we recommend the banana pancakes here as they’ll leave a warm feeling in your mouth all day long and also come with crispy strips of bacon on the side.

If you’re running behind and are worried about the business of these breakfast spots, Angie’s allows for booths to be booked ahead of time, so it may be worth ringing ahead an hour or two in advance if you aren’t certain. Of course, as with most places of this nature, you can also order your food and drink to take away if you’re not bothered about getting seated or really must get going.

4. Dunkin’


First thing’s first, yes, this coffee shop is part of the chain formerly known as “Dunkin’ Donuts”. The company decided to drop the latter half of its’ name recently in order to better reflect the fact that it serves things other than just donuts on its’ menu.

With that established, the reason why Dunkin’ is worth a visit is simply due to its’ familiarity – Great though local and independent businesses are if you’re really in a rush and don’t have time to spare browsing menus just in the hope that you’ll find something, then going to a place where you already know exactly what will be in store may be the best option, and you’ll likely already have your favorites in mind.

Dunkin’ also runs a customer loyalty scheme, which means that for every $1 you spend, you earn 5 loyalty points, and once you have reached 200 points, you can trade-in for a free beverage of your choosing. For reference, that’s roughly 100 large coffees or 250 individual donuts you’ll need to buy before you can redeem, but it’s still worth bearing that in mind if this spot becomes your go-to during the morning commute.

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5. Rick's Nutmeg Grille


We’ve saved, or at least what is regarded by the locals as being, the best breakfast spot in Torrington until last.

Opening as early as 6.30 AM, you can really get ahead of a late day with Rick’s Nutmeg Grille. It closes at 2.30 PM as well, meaning that you can squeeze in brunch or even a very late breakfast if those are the circumstances which you are in.

On the contrary, if you know you won’t be getting a lunch break, then you can stock up on a hefty meal such as Cajun chicken with salad or Tuna melt with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, chips, and a cup of soup in order to fully fuel yourself up for the day ahead. Those dishes along are just from the special’s menu, but there are also far simpler and more traditional breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, and bagels on the menu as well.

Dishes on the special’s menu average out at around $10 per dish, whilst the breakfast menu specifically averages out at $7.50 per dish.




It’s often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it truly is. After sleeping for too many or too few hours to count, you need something substantial to eat and drink to properly break you into a new day. 

We hope that this article has given you some inspiration for your next breakfast outing in Connecticut. When you’re looking to find the best spot, it may be worth considering what kind of food you want and how much time you have available before deciding on a place. If all else fails, then try any one of these top 5 spots - they are sure to satisfy!

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