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Torrington, Connecticut is a wonderful place full of excitement, culture and plenty of history. It also has lots of fun date spots for couples to enjoy or big family dates to go on. With lots of parks, entertainment venues, and even theaters, there's lots to choose from when deciding on the perfect date night. Below is a list of the top 5 ideas for a date in Torrington, CT.

1. Sunny Brook State Park


Sunny Brook State Park is a beautiful spot to venture out to for a date, especially at sunset. With activities such as fishing, hiking, picnicking and hunting there are lots of fun things to choose from for your special night. Picnicking is a fantastic idea at this park as it has beautiful sceneries for you and your partner to enjoy, or if hiking is more your style there are plenty of trails to choose from as well. 

Sunny Brook is a park that also works well as a family group date idea as you can enjoy a family fishing trip or just a fun day running around the park together. Families enjoy this spot for exploring and learning about nature as well as embarking on all the fun activities at hand. You can find all the information on this location on their website.

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2. Pursue The Clues


Pursue The Clues is another great and fun option to go for a night out. With this immersive, mystery based and interactive space, you and your partner will have to work together in order to solve the mystery within the 60 minute time frame. This is a great activity for couples as it requires them to not only work together but to rely on each other to finish the game. It is great for bonding and is a fantastic experience for anyone that loves a Sherlock Holmes dynamic. 

For a family date idea, this is great for the whole family to go to and work together to bond and achieve a mutual goal of solving the mystery. This spot is such a fun and awesome place not just for couples but for family dates as it is generally suitable for all ages to enjoy.

Escape Room Torrington

3. YiaYia's Greek Kitchen


YiaYia’s Greek kitchen is a lovely restaurant that is considered a hidden gem in the city. Amazing reviews praising not only the food but also the service, ambiance and overall feel of the restaurant. With a classic style and warm heartfelt feeling, you're always welcome in YiaYia’s Greek Kitchen.

First opened in 2019, the restaurant has been thriving ever since with it winning the Best Greek Restaurant award in Litchfield County. With affordable prices and a loving home-feel to the restaurant, it is a definite must for the ideal date. 

4. Hogans Cider Mill


The Hogans Cider Mill has been making cider in the old-fashioned ways since 1912. It was passed down through the family until it was taken over by the Dunlops in 1992. The Dunlops then opened The New England School of Golf on the back of the property to coach future students. The Dunlops learned from the loyal employees of Morris Hogan how to make the cider in the traditional way.

Along with the traditional cider they also now produce hard cider as well, with around 20 flavors for customers to choose from. Now also hosting an outdoor venue this old mill has become quite the hotspot for family fun all around.

Besides just the families having fun you can bring your significant other out for a wonderful date night to enjoy the cider and beautiful property. With the outdoor taproom expansion, you can plan birthday parties, proposals, weddings and more. The mill is a fantastic spot to book out for your big date night event.

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5. Five Points Art gallery


Five Points Art Gallery has been in its permanent placement since 2013 and has been booming with business ever since. Right in the heart of downtown Torrington, this spot has had some very gorgeous renovations done to bring more art within. A great aspect of this gallery is that it brings in new exhibitions every six weeks to freshen up and attract more people.

The Five Points Art Gallery has had around 730 artists within its doors. With over 4500 people on their mailing list and the gallery being stated as “One of 4 New England Galleries Worth the Drive”, this spot is a staple for all to see. With the ever-changing art within its building, you will never tire of coming and viewing the gallery.

Five Points Art Gallery is especially wonderful for families as it can be used for educational purposes for children and parents to learn about art and culture. It also works as a returning date spot for art enthusiasts, because of the new installations there is always a reason to go back.

This spot is wonderful for all ages to enjoy, learn and love at. Couples, families, friends and more will all enjoy the events that are hosted along with fun and interactive workshops offered. 

Couples Painting Workshop

There are plenty of options to have a fun and exciting date night in Torrington. These are all wonderful ideas for different dates as they all are great for couples but are also for family dates as well. With lots of options to choose from hopefully, this list can help you the next time you are trying to plan for a date night for you and your significant other or for a fun family date night away from home.

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