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Nestled in beautiful northwest Connecticut, Litchfield County is known to be one of the most gorgeous and picturesque New England towns in the state. From beautiful rolling hills to winding waterways, this county provides a peaceful retreat for urbanites longing to get away from it all.

Something special about Litchfield is that many Hallmark movies are filmed here. That’s right, Hallmark movies! Some of your favorite scenes were likely shot in Litchfield County as the landscapes and towns provide a perfect backdrop for these romantic stories.

Over the years, Litchfield County has become a destination for those who appreciate the smaller, rural towns as well as those who appreciate history and culture. Throughout this guide, you will discover the best places to dine, shop, and explore in Litchfield County as well as what life would be like to live in this beautiful section of Connecticut.

Living in Litchfield County


Living in Litchfield County is an opportunity to experience the best of small-town life and culture at its finest. With a population of just over 180,000, this area is made up of many charming towns, such as Town Center, Bridgewater, Washington, Roxbury, and beyond.

A particular highlight is the farm-to-table restaurants—they offer some delicious locally sourced delicacies that make any meal something special. Not to mention the plethora of delicious ice cream choices in this region! If you're looking for a cozy yet vibrant atmosphere, then Litchfield County might be a place you never thought you'd find.

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Real Estate in Litchfield County


Litchfield County is the ultimate place for giving modern practicality a twist of traditional and rustic charm. The area is known for its New England-style homes, farmhouses, and colonial-style buildings that instantly captivate potential homebuyers.

With an influx of new residents in recent years, terrain ranging from level to hilly could make all the difference between enjoying a neighborhood view, or being completely immersed in nature with scenic views from your own porch.

Investing in Litchfield County real estate is an excellent choice to make and whatever style or price range you're searching for, this region of Connecticut has something sure to provide the perfect setting for your home sweet home.

Education in Litchfield County


One of the most perceptive benefits of living in Litchfield County is the abundance of exceptional educational opportunities. The region is home to some of the best academic institutions in Connecticut, with a fantastic selection of both public and private schools.

For those wanting to continue their education beyond high school, there are plenty of college options, such as Western Connecticut State University and the University of Connecticut's Torrington campus. There is also a thriving community college system, providing students with the opportunity to study locally and save money.

With 45 elementary schools, 17 middle schools, and 14 high schools serving the residents of Litchfield County, education here is top-notch, providing the perfect foundation for successful futures.

Some of the top schools in Litchfield County include:

For those seeking private education, Litchfield Montessori School and The Forman School are both fantastic places to consider.

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Year-Round Weather in Litchfield County


The weather in Litchfield County is generally consistent with the rest of New England. Winters tend to be cold and snowy, but summers are pleasantly warm in comparison.

Spring brings a mix of rain and sunny days, while autumn ushers in mild temperatures and colorful foliage. Depending on where you live in the county, the average annual temperature ranges from around 41˚F to 48˚F, bringing with it the perfect mix of all four seasons.

Thanks to its unique location in the foothills of the Berkshires and Green Mountains, Litchfield County has a humid continental climate that offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation throughout the year. From skiing and snowboarding in the winter to swimming and boating during the summer, you're sure to find plenty of fun activities for every season.

Community Atmosphere & Events in Litchfield County


Litchfield County was established in 1751 and since then has been a growing and evolving community. With its rolling hills, picturesque lakes, sparkling rivers, and lush forests, the county is full of natural beauty.

Living in Litchfield County offers residents access to plenty of events throughout the year including the Litchfield Hills Brewfest, the Litchfield Jazz Festival, the annual Black Bear Music Fest, the Connecticut Garlic & Harvest Festival, and so much more.

And although many of these events are scattered throughout the county, they all have one thing in common—they provide great opportunities for residents to come together and celebrate all that Litchfield County has to offer. Residents old and new will proudly say that it is the people of this county that make it such a welcoming place to call home.

Some of the other exciting events and activities in Litchfield County include:

  • Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
  • Magical Spring Equinox Celebration
  • Painted Pony Comedy Night
  • International Playwrights Festival
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Proximity to Nearby Places


Litchfield County is located in western Connecticut and provides residents with easy access to larger cities such as Hartford, New Haven, and even New York City. These are all popular weekend destinations for those residing in Litchfield County and provide plenty of entertainment, culture, and nightlife.

The proximity to these nearby places allows residents of Litchfield County to take advantage of all the amenities and attractions while still being able to enjoy the serene and peaceful atmosphere of rural living.

Nature Resources in Litchfield County


Litchfield County is home to two remarkable outdoor recreation areas: The White Memorial Conservation Center and The Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy. Both attract thousands of visitors from all over the region every year.

The White Memorial Conservation is a natural history museum and nature center. Sprawling over 4,000 acres, it offers visitors the chance to observe some of the region's most beautiful and rare flora and fauna. This is one destination that fully embraces its natural setting with miles of hiking trails and holds onto the unique and rich history of the area.

The Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservation is a sanctuary dedicated to the conservation of waterfowl and wetlands. Through extensive research and education, this sanctuary is a great destination for bird-watchers, nature enthusiasts, and anyone looking to spend some time in the great outdoors.

These two conservation facilities are just one example of how Litchfield County values and cherishes its natural resources. With such an emphasis on outdoor recreation, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Other parks and trails in Litchfield County include:

  • Prospect Mountain Reserve
  • Little Pond Boardwalk Trail
  • Hauser Nature Preserve
  • Grannis Pond Trail Loop

Local Shops in Litchfield County


Relocating to Litchfield County doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the convenience of a larger city. With several locally-owned businesses, residents can find all kinds of goods and services right at their fingertips. Regardless if you are looking for a new outfit, hunting for the perfect gift, or stocking up on some local produce, Litchfield County has it all.

Some of the top local stores to visit in Litchfield County include:

The Ultimate Guide To Litchfield County - Boutique Store

Restaurants in Litchfield County


A delicious meal is never far away in Litchfield County. With a variety of restaurants to choose from, residents can sample the flavors of some of the most delicious local cuisine around.

Some of the most popular places to eat in Litchfield County include:

  • The Village Restaurant - This neighborhood restaurant serves large portions of all your favorite American classics.
  • DiFranco's Restaurant - A cozy Italian eatery serving up delicious homemade dishes in the heart of Litchfield.
  • Market Place Tavern - Market Place Tavern offers innovative takes on "American Tavern Food" paired with craft beers and handmade cocktails.
  • West Street Grill - A modern yet sophisticated restaurant in downtown Litchfield. Enjoy French and Italian-inspired bistro fare in a relaxed atmosphere.

These are just a few of the amazing dining experiences you can find in Litchfield County. With so many great options, it's no wonder why this area is becoming a major foodie destination!

Well, there you have it, the ultimate guide to living in Litchfield County! As this quaint county continues to grow, more and more people are discovering its charming small-town vibe. After reading this blog, are you starting to envision yourself living in this idyllic area? If so, we hope you'll consider making Litchfield County your new home!

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