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Litchfield County is a beautiful community in Northwestern Connecticut. It lies in the New York Metropolitan area, making it easy for commuting to the Big Apple. The county was named after Lichfield, England, and has an extensive, interesting history that began when it was incorporated in 1719. Litchfield County is an exciting area with something to offer everyone. 

Litchfield County is an enchanting and comfortable place to live. It has beautiful homes, excellent educational institutions, and stable and secure employment opportunities. In addition to this, Litchfield County comprises several towns and a few villages, each with its own remarkable and unique features. It is a popular destination for a second home or to travel to. Litchfield County is a beautiful part of Connecticut with gorgeous foliage and splendid scenery all year long.

Relocating or moving might feel like a big, heavy, and difficult decision. However, there are many things to consider and look into. Some considerations are the estate value, education, nearby amenities, and whether your new location supports your current/desired lifestyle. Litchfield County, Connecticut, has plenty to offer! This article will share some great reasons to live in Litchfield County, Connecticut. We share details about employment opportunities, real estate investments, educational centers, outdoor recreation, and more. So get ready to fall in love with Litchfield County, Connecticut! Before that, let's consider how to go about making a move to the county.

Moving to Litchfield County, Connecticut

Moving Hacks

If you're considering moving to Litchfield County, Connecticut, then take note of the following moving hacks. Not only will they make moving more manageable, but they will also make the use of your space more efficient.

Label all boxes. Even if it feels like an inconvenience, make sure to label them all; then, you'll thank yourself when you're in your new home trying to unpack. (To be even more clear, use a color-coded system!)

Leave clothing items in their drawers for moving.

Downsize wherever possible. Look in all the nooks and tiny crannies of your home.

Use towels to fill in gaps inside packing boxes. Using towels will help to keep the contents stable with less chance of breaking.

Tape boxes well and reinforce where the box experiences more stress.

Pack early. It’s never too early to start.

Living In Connecticut

Before we start with the many reasons to live in Litchfield County, we will touch on the state of Connecticut itself. Connecticut is a small northern U.S. state with a lot of history. It offers many great real estate opportunities, recreational events, and fine dining. It is a great place to travel for a vacation or move to. Connecticut has everything. There are sparkling beaches, forested lands, and jaw-dropping scenery in every corner of the state. Connecticut has excellent schools and a great sub-urban/urban feel. Living in Connecticut gives you access to great outdoor activities and indoor venues such as shopping, eating, and more. 

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Reasons To Live In Litchfield County, Connecticut

1. Employment Opportunities


Litchfield County, Connecticut, is filled with ample employment opportunities. The state of Connecticut itself is home to fourteen Fortune 500 companies (as of 2021.) A few of the largest companies are Amphenol, Booking Holdings, Charter Communications, and Cigna. In addition, Litchfield County has many opportunities in industries such as health services, retail, manufacturing, and social services. 

2. Education


Litchfield County, Connecticut, offers many education opportunities regardless of the student's age. The best school districts in the county are below.

  • Regional School District No. 12 - 4 schools, 705 students
  • Northwestern Regional School District No. 7 - 2 schools, 1027 students
  • Regional School District No. 1 - 1 school, 360 students
  • Litchfield Public schools - 4 schools, 882 students

The county has many post-secondary options as well. To name a few, Yale University, Northwestern Connecticut Community College, and Briarwood College are all within close proximity and deliver quality education. 

3. The Food


There are some fantastic restaurants, cafes, bistros, and food trucks to enjoy in Litchfield County, Connecticut. Being right on the coast, locals enjoy fresh-caught seafood regularly. A few beloved Connecticut foods are lobster rolls, pizza, cheeseburgers, apple cider, and hot dogs. 

Delicious restaurants in Litchfield County, Connecticut:

In addition to the great restaurants, the county also has many whole food stores that sell organic and special diet foods. 

Excellent Whole Food Stores in Litchfield County, Connecticut:

4. History


Litchfield County was established on October 9, 1751. It has a rich and interesting history detailing its colorful path from past to present. Litchfield County, Connecticut is a charming area that lacks the hustle and bustle of the city, which is part of its appeal. Instead, many majestic blue bodies of water, mature lush trees, and pockets of intriguing history await you around each corner. 

In addition to the interesting history, the county has amazing historical landmarks and homes to explore and learn about. Some of these landmarks include Topsmead State Forest, the James Alldis House, the Leroy Anderson House, the Peoples State Forest Nature Museum, and the Bellamy-Ferriday House and Garden.

Topsmead State Park in Litchfield County, Connecticut

5. Culture and Arts


Litchfield County has a vibrant arts scene. You'll find everything from music and movies to art classes and murals. The county oozes creativity, and it can be found everywhere. The enchanting Bantam Cinema is a small, cozy theater that plays foreign films, while the Cornwall Bridge Gallery presents local contemporary exhibits. So no matter your art tastes, Litchfield County has something for you. 

Litchfield County is home to award-winning museums, unique galleries, and so much more. You'll find art, history, technology, science, and children's museums all waiting to be explored. Not only is this fantastic for children to extend their learning and knowledge and increase curiosity and wonder, but it makes for a great place to explore and enjoy for adults.

Excellent Museums To Visit:

  • Railroad Museum of New England
  • Carousel Museum of New England
  • Sloane-Stanley Museum and Kent Furnace

6. The Location


Litchfield County, Connecticut, is only a few hours from New York City by driving. Its ideal location makes it perfect to plan a quick trip or getaway. It is approximately one hour from New Haven and Hartford. Its central location is also beneficial for students and families alike. Whether you're looking to live nearby a great school, a great city, or a rural feeling town, Litchfield County, Connecticut, is the place for you.

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7. Public Transportation


Litchfield County, Connecticut, is served by the CT Transit system. Several bus routes run through the county for easy traveling. In addition, there are several taxi services and ride-sharing companies as well. For the residents who enjoy a more active way of traveling, Litchfield County in Connecticut also has several well-maintained biking trails, connecting various towns and suburbs together.

8. Outdoor Adventures


Outdoor Adventures in Litchfield County, Connecticut

Living in a place with so many exciting outdoor adventures and beautiful scenery can boost a person's mental and physical health, contributing to their overall well-being. There are many spectacular sights in Litchfield County, Connecticut. These include Candlewood Lake, Kent Falls State Park, Macedonia Brook State Park, and Bear Mountain.

You can also go on walking tours throughout the county, visit the historic Litchfield Female Academy, attend the Litchfield Jazz Festival, tour local historic churches, take a wine tour at The Haight Brown Vineyard, or tour the White Memorial Conservation Center.

9. Unique Recreation


Litchfield County, Connecticut, is abundant with recreation and entertainment opportunities. It is a popular place to go antiquing with many hidden shops tucked away. Additionally, there are quaint bookstores with many bestsellers and small businesses selling unique gems. The county has a number of excellent places to eat, shop, and spend time.

10. The Seasons


Litchfield County, Connecticut experiences all four seasons of weather in unique ways. The spring season lasts from March through May, with some precipitation and temperatures ranging from 38 F to 59 F. The summer season typically lasts from June through August, with temperatures ranging from 60 F to 82 F. Summers are warm and sunny. Fall brings spectacular sights. The foliage on the trees is a delight to see while the season lasts from September through November. The temperatures are typically from 41 F to 62 F. Winter is from December to February and is typically cold with snow. The temperature ranges from 19 F to 37 F. The beautiful seasons allow for tons of optimal outdoor time to indulge in various hobbies.

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