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Many people believe that home decorating is a form of art. It's not just about picking out colors and furniture, there's also the style to take into account. And while everyone has their own personal taste, there are some trends that never go out of style such as color combinations, furniture shapes, and specific motifs. This article will explore 7 of these timeless trends in detail so you can revamp your living spaces with confidence this season!

1) Stately Accent Pieces


Be it a large light fixture in your entryway or a sculpted centerpiece in the living room, statement pieces are an important part of every New Hartford home decor. Statement pieces help define a room and create focal points that draw the eye in, making your space seem more interesting. Plus, they're a great conversation starter to talk about with guests!

Accent Piece

2) Floral Patterned Furniture


There's just something about floral patterned furniture that makes people think of home. And it's not just because of the familiarity, florals give off a feeling that there is still life left in your furniture.

3) Geometric Accents


Geometric patterns can be found in the form of painted or wallpapered accent walls, unique artwork, or centerpieces and are a great way to accentuate a room. These shapes offer a sense of order and logic, as if everything is in its place.

Geometric Accents

4) Glamorous Upholstery


Up until the 70s, animal skin and fabric patterns were considered classy and elegant. Now they're considered tacky and you can hardly find them on new furniture pieces. But that doesn't mean we should throw away those older couches just because we don't like their designs. Instead, you can reupholster your furniture in colors that fit today's trends for a more modern design.

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5) Marble & Stone


Marble has been used for millennia to decorate everything from buildings to utensils. But there is something elegant and classic about marble accessories too. The use of stone wall accents isn't alien either, especially when colors such as white and beige are added to create a clean look.

6) Modern Mirrors


Mirrors aren't the only kind of decor you can use to reflect light back into your home, but they do make excellent accents when it comes to bringing out an elegant feel. If you still don't believe mirrors work that well with most styles, consider hanging a mirror above your fireplace or above the entryway to an open-concept living room.

Modern Mirror

7) Unexpected Furniture Shapes


Who said furniture has to be all about comfort and style? If you want something that is fun yet still decorative, look no further than these unexpected furniture pieces! For example, an obtuse triangle would work well as a side table or thick round cylinders can always be used as stools.

Home decorating has gone through many transformations and moods over the decades. The 7 trends we've highlighted in this article are trends that have lasted over the last several years. Trends that everyone can agree will never go out of style. Interior decorating is truly an art form, just keep that in mind the next time you're planning on redecorating your home. And if you use any one of these 7 home decorating ideas that we've highlighted, you're sure to end up with something spectacular!

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